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About Us

Forever Photo Company started in 2012.  With a creative mind and phenomenal eye for photography, Michelle Allen started with a vision for a company that stood out from the rest.  She wanted to create an experience that lasted forever.  This began with finding the right team to carry out this vision.  The company then began researching a multitude of professional print companies.  The goal was to find the ones that offered products that stood the test of time, could keep up with the quality that clients expected, and had the durability that they deserved.  Forever isn’t just a brand for the product it’s a brand for the relationships that we build with clients as well.  The experience and products you receive will truly be with you forever. 


Our Services

Private Sessions


We offer private sessions at shows as well as barn calls where we go to your barn and conduct the photo shoot there on site. We also offer group rates for multiple horses. Private show sessions are subject to availability and can be done either before the show day begins or after the show day ends.  Please contact us for more details!

Event Coverage


We have several shows that we are the official photographers for so when we are at an event we try to make sure we get pictures of everyone we can.  We do offer a VIP request which guarantees we get pictures of your trips during the show.  We typically have a table set up so you can view your pictures throughout the day.  We also offer to be your private photographer for other events that we are not officials at, as long as the show grounds allows us to provide that service.  We reach out to the officials of those shows to ensure we don't violate any policies.


Current Locations we are officials at:

Poplar Place Farm: Hamilton, GA

PCHA: Tampa, FL

Fox Lea Farm: Venice, FL

Sumter Equestrian Center: Bushnell, FL



We offer a wide variety of products for advertising to fit every client’s needs.  From custom sale ads, congratulatory ads, to articles in publications we do it all.  While we are the designers we take all input from you and ensure the final product is exactly what you are looking for.  Our work has been published internationally and we always strive to give the best for our clients. 



What is a V.I.P. Request?

A VIP request is the only way to GUARANTEE that we have a photographer at your ring or on the course taking pictures during your start time. The fee is $50 and that is for a horse/rider combo for up to three trips. The best part is your $50 investment gets turned into a print credit.  Another benefit to a VIP request is we pull all of your photos and place them in a personal album on our proofing site, so you don't have to go searching through the 1000's of photos we take during a show to find yourself or your horse.  This album will be password protected so only people you want to view the photos can view them. As a VIP you take priority and we make sure we have at least one photographer with you during your trips.  We will take some extra candid shots for you as well to include celebratory pictures with any ribbons won at the end of the show.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Tel: 727-580-9040

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